Another attempt at moon photography. It’s been rainy/cloudy all week, but there was a brief moment of clear skies before some storms moved in.

I played around with stacking/processing the photos of the moon with both PIPP/autostakkert and Pixinsight. Pixinsight, from what I can tell, is not really designed for planetary imaging, but I wanted to learn the tool and it was an easy place to start:

Autostakkert Pixinsight

You can see that there’s some weird fringing/ringing around the moon in the pixinsight version – still a lot of learning to do with that tool, but not a bad start!

  • Camera: Sony A7S II
  • Telescope: AWB Onesky 130
  • ISO: 125
  • Shutter Speed: 1/40
  • Total Exposures: 20
  • Software: PIPP/Autostakkert and Pixinsight